Welcome to HR Business Partner - On Demand! 

Your people and their performance are the most critical defining competitive advantage for your organization. Having the right people at the right time working on the right goals is absolutely your key to success. Over my 30+ year career in human resources, I have earned a reputation as an HR expert, educator, trainer, and a trusted resource.  I've worked with managers and supervisors in large global companies and in small independent businesses and I know how to define the problem and implement solutions.  I can take the mystery and stress out of managing your team and set up processes that are easy to understand, repeatable, sustainable and guaranteed to improve productivity, improving your bottom line.  And when all of your employees are fully engaged, they will be willing and able to help the company succeed; they will freely and consistently provide discretionary effort on the job; and they will understand how their work fits into the bigger picture.  And this translates into a higher profit margin for your business!

I deliver onsite and remote HR services, consulting, coaching, training, leadership development, and project-based, hands-on work. I partner with other HR professionals as necessary to be sure you have access to the best subject-matter experts and we offer several different service-level packages so you can find a solution that works best for your business. If you think you need help in the Human Resources area  - but not sure exactly what you need - call for a complimentary assessment.  Companies can only be as successful as their employees help them to be! 

Great Results Guaranteed - No Contracts Required! 

Let me take care of your employee-related issues for you so that you can focus 

on what you need to focus on to grow your business!

According to the latest Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) statistics:

  • 83% of US gross domestic product comes from services or information created and delivered by people
  • 26% of US employees are fully engaged at any time
  • 19% of employees are actively disengaged, meaning they intentionally act in ways that negatively impact their organizations
  • $300 billion is the annual cost nationally to employ this actively disengaged group!

So, to sum it up, if your employees aren't helping you make money and achieve your goals - they are costing you money - and you can't afford to let their behavior negatively impact your workplace and damage your business. 

 I can help you build dream teams & rock stars!  Sometimes low-tech, high-impact is all you need!

Areas of HR Expertise 

  • Human Resource Talent Development and Succession Planning processes
  • Organizational design
  • Recruiting 
  • Developing Retention & Transition Strategies
  • Mergers & Acquisitions HR Functional Expert 
  • Talent Retention / Retention Planning
  • Employee Engagement assessment, analysis and executing robust action plans
  • Training
    • Manager & Supervisor Training
    • How to Interview Candidates and Avoid Hiring Mistakes
    • Team Building
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Workplace Violence
    • Employee Investigations
    • EEO Anti-discrimination
    • Leading Multi-Generational Employees
    • Positive Employee & Labor Relations  
    • Effective Communications for Leaders
    • Change Management
  • Preparing Ethics & Values, Non-compete/Non-Disclosure materials
  • Performance Management 
    • Strategic Goal Setting
    • Coaching for Performance
    • Dealing with Conflict
    • Compensation Plans Rewarding Strong Performance
  • Exit Interviews
  • Professional pre-employment background investigations
  • Legally compliant employee applications
  • Developing Job Descriptions & validating FLSA Status
  • New Manager Assimilation to Expedite the Learning Process
  • Providing HR project leadership for mergers, acquisitions & expansions 
  • Preparing Employee Handbooks 
  • 360 degree Feedback 
  • Consult on HR disciplinary issues to prevent lawsuits and minimize legal costs
  • Leadership Coaching for High Potentials, Rising Stars and those deemed worth saving
  • Implementing HR Best Practices 
  • HR Analytics to Diagnose and Identify Areas of Opportunity
  • Salary Planning 
  • Employee Hotline services

Certifications & Associations
  • Society for Human Resources Management – SPHR 1993
  • Certified Professional Coach - Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching
  • Napoleon Hill Positive Mental Attitude – Principles of Success
  • Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt Certified
  • HRCI - Talent Management Course "Dream Teams & Rock Stars" approved for PHR, SPHR, GPHR recertification credits 
  • DDI Strategic Leadership Development Instructor
  • Center for Creative Leadership Certified 

Professional Affiliations
  • Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • Worldwide Who's Who for Executives Professionals & Entrepreneurs
  • Worldwide Who's Who - chosen as Top Female Executive - 2013 / 2014
  • Human Resources Certification Institute (Approved Instructor)
  • DallasHR Association
  • LinkedIn HR
  • Fowler Wainwright International Coaching Institute 
  • Tyler Executive Women's Network - President
  • National Association of Professional Women
  • Christian Women's Job Corp Volunteer